The Tecnac Company has almost 40 years of experience in the manufacture of accessories and systems for aluminum carpentry. From all this experience has emerged a series of values ​​that we consider fundamental for the satisfaction of our customers, which can be summarized in three: innovation, quality and customer service, all at a competitive price.

In each and every one of the processes that take place daily in our company – Aluminum Extrusion, Machining, Plastic Injection, Zamak Injection, Aluminum Injection, Lacquers, Anodized, Special Finishes, Packaging and Expeditions, R + D + I , Administration, HR Management, Management, etc. – We try to achieve business excellence with the aim of achieving maximum efficiency and effectiveness in the development of our business activities.

Aware of the importance of Human Resources as a strategic pillar that really provides a sustainable competitive advantage in the medium and long term, we have a young staff and at the same time experienced and trained in the company itself through years of hard work.

And best of all, at incredible prices. Visit now our product catalog.


We supplied Control Systems for Aluminum Carpentry to Distributors, Storers and Industrials Hardware Store.


To turn our systems into modal of quality and service on the domestic market and to give to the brand an international knowledge.

Strategic Plan

Actually we are immersed in the execution of our 2018-2025 Strategic Plan, in which we want to achieve the vision that in his day we us mark, it means to be modal of quality and service on the national market and to project our brand on the international markets.

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